Frequenly Asked Questions

Frequenly Asked Questions

What do your plan options include?

We offer construction sets and reproducible or PDF sets. You can read more about these in our "Services" section.

What is included in the square footage?

The square footage includes all of the area inside the exterior face of the “heated walls”. It does not include garages, porches, or decks. For this reason, you cannot multiply the stated dimensions of each room, add them together and come up with the total square footage because that would not include the walls, hallways, closets, etc.

Can the plan I like be changed?

Modifications are available for all of our house plans! The best way to approach this is to call or e-mail us to discuss the areas you wish to change. Many times, changes can be made “in the field” or during construction thus saving you design fees.

How do I find out if the house I like has been built in my area?

Unfortunately, we do not release this information for privacy reasons.

How do I know if I can afford to build the home I have chosen?

The best way is to actually sit down with your builder with a full set of house plans and establish budgets for all aspects of the home. This would include items such as Lighting, Flooring, Cabinets, Countertops, Plumbing Fixtures, etc.

What if I only need 1 set of plans? Can I take them to my local printers to make more copies?

You can, but it’s illegal. All plans sold through are protected by copyrights.

Can I return the plans if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, no. Since it is possible to make illegal copies of the plans you received, we do not allow any refunds. You need to make sure of your order before placing it.

Will the plans I order contain all of the information needed by my local building department?

Almost. In addition to the complete building plans that you order, you will also need a site plan that shows where the house is going to be located on the property, building setbacks, utility locations, etc. We can do this for you if you send us your lot information, or your builder can help you with this. You may also need a septic design unless your lot is served by a sanitary sewer system. Many areas now have energy codes that have to be followed – this normally involves filling out a simple form proving compliance. Most importantly, there are some areas of the country that have very strict engineering codes. Examples of this would be earthquake prone areas of California or hurricane risk areas of the Florida coast. If you are building in this type of area, it is possible that you will need to hire a local engineer to analyze the house and provide additional drawings and calculations required by your building department. If you aren’t sure, your local building department should have a handout listing all of the things you need to submit for a building permit.

What is a Material List and what does it include?

It is a complete list of the building materials needed to build your home. It includes items such as lumber, insulation, trusses, etc. Because of the vast difference in building materials and building styles & techniques in different areas, we leave the materials lists up to the individual contractors.

Is it possible to see a rear view of the homes?

Yes! A number of our designs already have a rear elevation available by clicking on the “rear” link in the plan preview gallery. If you don’t see it, simply contact us and we will send you one.

I want to build this home on 3 different lots. Can I just purchase extra sets?

No – In addition to buying a set of house plans, you are also buying a license or permission to use the designer’s copyrighted material for the construction of one home and the pricing shown with each plan on the website is for a “Single-Use”. We do offer discounted fees for multiple-use projects – Please contact us for more information.

How much do modifications cost?

Modification costs can vary depending upon the extent of your changes. Often, the number of changes can justify the design of a completely new plan. If you are interested in making changes, give us a call or e-mail your modification ideas and we will go over them in depth and get back to you with a quote.

Would my modifications be less expensive if I drew them on my Home Architect software?

Unfortunately, no. Even though it would clarify your intentions, the designer would still need to spend the same amount of time changing all aspects of the drawings.

What is a daylight or walk-out basement?

It is most often seen on sloping lots that allow at least a portion of the basement to have larger windows or an exterior access.


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